The 411: BFC/Vogue win for Erdem!

April 1, 2010

What a perfect time to hop back into the blogging realm after a largely inexcusable hiatus. Set amongst a talented crew of nominees (Christopher Kane included), Erdem garnered the Brits inaugural Fashion Fund award, and by the looks of his ultra-sincere gratitude for the award, I’m sure we’ll see great things to come from the half-Brit/half-Turk designer. Erdem has been on the up and up, steadily gaining momentum over the past few years, especially after his S/S 10 showing last fall.

A few looks from his F/W 10 collection:

View the rest of the brilliance here!



April is NOT the cruelest month.

January 15, 2010

Why? Mayhap because Zac Posen’s designs are slated to inundate Target stores on the 25th of the month. Unapologetically girlish prints mingle with a fair share of red and black. View the entire lookbook here!

xox! Maddy


Stella in Wonderland

January 13, 2010

British designer Stella McCartney, known for her darling cruelty-free duds, falls down the rabbit hole and joins the madcap world of Wonderland! According to WWD, Stella is designing jewelry collection in collaboration with Disney for the cinematic palooza that is Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”–think hats, spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts bedazzled with Swarovski crystals in shades of black, pink, and brown. These gems can be procured at Stella’s stores next month.

ALICE FEVER takes over the cosmetics world!:

OPI’s AIW Nail Polish collection.

Urban Decay’s AIW pop-up book of shadows.

Perfect unbirthday gifts, no?



Gossip Folks

January 12, 2010

Milwaukee-born Jessica Szhor’s Teen Vogue cover (shot by Patrick Demarchlier)! In case you have been living under a rock–or on Membata–this lady plays Vanessa on “Gossip Girl.” Now, if only she were doing the polka, with a badger, wearing a cheesehead! *cues On Wisconsin*

(photos via here)

On a similar note:

Behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

Live-action vid from the shoot.

xox! Maddy


Monkey Business

January 11, 2010

Magazine: Vogue Russia

Issue: May 2008

Editorial: Walk to Africa

Photographer: KT Auleta

Stylist: Simon Robins

Model: Ali Michael

(photos from TFS)



Ho Ho Ho-siery Time!

December 30, 2009

Santa’s late. I really should have saved such a horrible pun for next Christmas! Or for never. The best part about spending years in arctic winter climes–hopping from Wisconsin to Boston, for college– is that I’ve finally acclimated to frost. I pride myself on my (sometimes all-together ridiculous) layering antics and for thus keeping legwear companies in business. I thought I’d share a few of the items on my most-wanted list from the hosiery mecca that is Hansel from Basel. Their tights, leggings, or socks (slash any combination of the three) surely would brighten up any dreary day!

(photos from Hansel from Basel!)

I was especially psyched for stumbling upon the last pair, which appear wonderfully akin (though less brilliant) to Marc by Marc’s F/W ’09 tights:

Hi, purple and orange kneepad tights! I'm rather obsessed with you! Be mine?


How do you battle the oft merciless cold of the North? What keeps your spirits up?

For me it’s sipping endless cups of scalding hot tea, keeping warm in layers with the help of microplush blankets, and watching nonstop movies (most recently Up and (500) Days of Summer–both amaze), catching up on a semester’s worth of magazines (too many), and tackling my “to-read” list (currently Walt Disney: the Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler, next John Adams by David McCullough), not to mention soaking in the general holiday merriment, reuniting with old friends, etc.

(That was longer than I intended.)

xoxo! Maddy



November 23, 2009

For the sake of all that is glorious. My most beloved designer of all time is closing up shop? I know I’m a solid two weeks behind (thanks, school, you rock!). Can’t the government bail her out? Or a Vanderbilt? Or Bill Gates?! Anyone? Bueller?

In homage to the most delightful British lass ever to construct an article of clothing, one of my favorite editorials to date (not hard with Leith Clark’s styling genius, Ellen von Unwerth’s photographic brilliance, and Simona McIntyre’s supremely ethereal beauty):


Clickity click for Luella’s S/S 09 collection and video to boot!

xo, maddy