Dark to Light: A connotatively morose hue turns UPlifting!

June 25, 2009

Rei Kawabuko’s recession remedy: Black. No, not in the sense of mournfully donning the darkest of dark, rather the “sting Rei’s” latest masterpiece, a seemingly paradoxical “turn that frown upside down” temporary collection that the Wonder Woman christened “Black.” A no-doubt economically intelligent move, “Black” offers more fiscally-friendly garments that are easier on the wallet and just as classically Rei. The emotive and innovative Comme des Garçons couturier, fittingly hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun (her concepts always budding with the freshness of a new day dawning), will grace Gothamites with her designs’ presence, available June 22. Prices range from a more-reasonable $84-$147 for t-shirts and $350-$623 for jackets.

Clickity click for the NY Times article, written by Ms. Suzy Menkes, featuring first-hand 411 on the line from Rei herself (well, via her husband’s translations, of course).

Appropriately appellated, no? (WWD.com)

A look from "Black," appropriately appellated, no? (WWD.com)


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