On a MARNIlicious megrim: Signora Castiglioni’s autumnish delight. Share

June 25, 2009

If the fashionable “Boot” was not glorious enough with its deliciously gelato- and espresso-saturated stradas, add the Dear Consuelo to the mix and you have a veritable paradise.

Realistic in the sense of wearability, yes, but by no means banal, Castiglioni’s ultra-translatable looks would have me gladly Fall into Winter. The words “luxe”,”rich”, and “molto elegante” certainly come to mind when realizing the breadth of textures applied to this collection: knits, felts, jacquards, furs, and brocades. Deep-sea blues and moonless-night blacks were offset by striking antique-ish gilded garlands adorned with flowers. A myriad of eye-catching, grid-like metallic brocades followed, complete with additional pronounced neckwear. The end of the show seemingly took a turn to the Far East, utilizing enlarged-floral patterned silk of sapphire, seafoam green, sunshiny gold. Grazie a Consuelo for a refreshingly forward-looking conglomeration!


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