Alber’s Super Spicy Resort Spectacle!

June 26, 2009

Truth be told, I’m not a huge “resort” girl. Many a designer are way way way too “resort-y” (i.e., their looks scream “I’m on a boat, man!” louder than T-Pain) for my liking, so refreshing and attention-captivating collections are always a grand welcome! Enter Lanvin, or the Man behind the Lan, Alber Elbaz, whose resort show transcended the general deadness of the resort season. Sir Alber’s brilliant creations certainly can stand alone and exude all of their brilliant brilliance, but add to that a very theatrical performance (very à la Galliano), and what a treat! The prima donnas took form as beach blonde mannequins Elsa Sylvan and Emma Karlsson, posing as perhaps the epitome of glamorous vacationers clad in only the most glorious of garments, naturally. Bright azures, golds, rouges, and verts abounded to create a very Mexico-inspired, energetic vibe. Even the neutral-hued ensembles were accented by the boldest-colored accessories, from decorative floral headpieces to beaded necklaces to bangles galore. I immediately became enamoured with the masterfully crafted straw-ribboned chapeaux complete with gigantic flowers aplenty! Am I sensing a DIY?


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