Supreme Shutterbug: Annie Leibovitz

August 9, 2009

Annie Leibovitz clearly possesses an unrivaled, and uncanny, penchant for storytelling. Throughout the 2K, the ultra-brill photog has exquisitely cinematized a few of my most favorite tales of yore, among them “The Wizard of Oz,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Magazine: Vogue

Issue: December 2005

Editorial: “The Wizard of Oz”

Model: Keira Knightley

Stylist: Grace Coddington

Annie 1Annie 2Annie 3Annie 4Annie 5Annie 6Annie 7Annie 8Annie 9Annie 10Annie 11

Magazine: Vogue

Issue: April 2005

Editorial: “Beauty and the Beast”

Model: Drew Barrymore

Stylist: Grace Coddington


Magazine: Vogue

Issue: December 2005

Editorial: “Alice in Wonderland”

Model: Natalia Vodianova and the world’s bossiest costumiers

Stylist: Grace Coddington



  • Annie’s “Dream Portrait Series” for Disney. It’s totally dire that you view! Epitomizes wonderment, espesh Becks as Prince Philip…super duper dreamy!

xo, m



  1. Thank you for visiting http://www.mattressesandmetal.blogspot.com
    The shredded tee is actually a real shirt that I had laying around and I was bored so I decided to shred it. I’m blad you liked it

  2. These are incredible! Annie is super talented, I remember first hearing about her with the whole Miley-Cyrus-in-a-bedsheet scandal and looking her up. She’s got some amazing stuff!

  3. OOH Annie! She’s the greatest. She’s the proof that an excellent photographer always has to inspire the ones who see their work. Innovation is the key word in her world.
    I absolutely love her.

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    Big kiss


  4. Thanks for your research in fashion, is magnific this photos, i like this realy!


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