November 23, 2009

For the sake of all that is glorious. My most beloved designer of all time is closing up shop? I know I’m a solid two weeks behind (thanks, school, you rock!). Can’t the government bail her out? Or a Vanderbilt? Or Bill Gates?! Anyone? Bueller?

In homage to the most delightful British lass ever to construct an article of clothing, one of my favorite editorials to date (not hard with Leith Clark’s styling genius, Ellen von Unwerth’s photographic brilliance, and Simona McIntyre’s supremely ethereal beauty):


Clickity click for Luella’s S/S 09 collection and video to boot!

xo, maddy



  1. These photos are gorgeous!
    I LOVE Luella, she is seriously one of my all time favourite designers, her creations are so wearble yet cool its amazing 🙂
    I heard that they were closing Luella down though because of the credit crunch? Do you know if that is true? I hope its just a rumour!
    Anyway awesome post and thankyou very much for your lovely comment 🙂

  2. love love love all these photos.
    i’m a Luella fan too, i like that her stuff is so fun and whimsical and creative while staying classy at the same time.
    are they closing for sure, or is it still a rumor? 😦

  3. so fab!

    Merry X-mas for you!!!

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