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Gossip Folks

January 12, 2010

Milwaukee-born Jessica Szhor’s Teen Vogue cover (shot by Patrick Demarchlier)! In case you have been living under a rock–or on Membata–this lady plays Vanessa on “Gossip Girl.” Now, if only she were doing the polka, with a badger, wearing a cheesehead! *cues On Wisconsin*

(photos via here)

On a similar note:

Behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

Live-action vid from the shoot.

xox! Maddy


Monkey Business

January 11, 2010

Magazine: Vogue Russia

Issue: May 2008

Editorial: Walk to Africa

Photographer: KT Auleta

Stylist: Simon Robins

Model: Ali Michael

(photos from TFS)




November 23, 2009

For the sake of all that is glorious. My most beloved designer of all time is closing up shop? I know I’m a solid two weeks behind (thanks, school, you rock!). Can’t the government bail her out? Or a Vanderbilt? Or Bill Gates?! Anyone? Bueller?

In homage to the most delightful British lass ever to construct an article of clothing, one of my favorite editorials to date (not hard with Leith Clark’s styling genius, Ellen von Unwerth’s photographic brilliance, and Simona McIntyre’s supremely ethereal beauty):


Clickity click for Luella’s S/S 09 collection and video to boot!

xo, maddy


Style ME, Marie!

August 25, 2009

Marie Chaix, styling extraordinaire, no doubt begets top-notch editorials, and as an aficionado of the brilliant lass, I present a handful of my most adored Chaix-styled fash eds.

Magazine: i-D

Issue: March 2008

Editorial: Suvi

Model: Suvi Koponen

Photographer: Daniel Jackson

Marie Chaix 1Marie Chaix 2Marie Chaix 3Marie Chaix 4Marie Chaix 5Marie Chaix 6Marie Chaix 7

Magazine: Vogue Nippon

Issue: May 2009

Editorial: Poised to Perfection

Model: Karolin Wolter

Photographer: Nathaniel Goldberg

Marie Chaix 8

Marie Chaix 9Marie Chaix 10Marie Chaix 11Marie Chaix 12Marie Chaix 13Marie Chaix 14Marie Chaix 15Marie Chaix 16Marie Chaix 17

Magazine: Teen Vogue

Issue: September 2009

Models: Rosie Tupper, Jeneil Williams, Alexina Graham

Photographer: Daniel Jackson

Marie Chaix 18Marie Chaix 19Marie Chaix 25Marie Chaix 26Marie Chaix 27Marie Chaix 28Marie Chaix 29Marie Chaix 30

Always such an inspiration! Leith Clark and Havana Lafitte might round out my favorite trio of stylist perfection…post to come on Leith’s “Lula” genius along with the most exciting time for the fash magazine world…”The Septembers,” of course!

xo, maddy


Supreme Shutterbug: Annie Leibovitz

August 9, 2009

Annie Leibovitz clearly possesses an unrivaled, and uncanny, penchant for storytelling. Throughout the 2K, the ultra-brill photog has exquisitely cinematized a few of my most favorite tales of yore, among them “The Wizard of Oz,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Magazine: Vogue

Issue: December 2005

Editorial: “The Wizard of Oz”

Model: Keira Knightley

Stylist: Grace Coddington

Annie 1Annie 2Annie 3Annie 4Annie 5Annie 6Annie 7Annie 8Annie 9Annie 10Annie 11

Magazine: Vogue

Issue: April 2005

Editorial: “Beauty and the Beast”

Model: Drew Barrymore

Stylist: Grace Coddington


Magazine: Vogue

Issue: December 2005

Editorial: “Alice in Wonderland”

Model: Natalia Vodianova and the world’s bossiest costumiers

Stylist: Grace Coddington



  • Annie’s “Dream Portrait Series” for Disney. It’s totally dire that you view! Epitomizes wonderment, espesh Becks as Prince Philip…super duper dreamy!

xo, m


Muses for YOUses: Coco Rocha

July 30, 2009

Live from my personal Helicon: Coco Rocha seems to have the entire fashion world in the palm of her hand. Designers and editors alike are totally smitten with this charismatic beauty. La canadienne, discovered at an Irish dance competition, immediately captivated the world’s attention with her ruckus-causing sensation at Jean Paul Gaultier‘s F/W ’07 show. Not long after, she graced the (inner) cover of Vogue’s May 2007 issue featuring “The World’s Next Top Models,” shot by photog ingenue Steven Meisel, and, well, the rest is history! Now boasting countless covers in her repertoire and perchance achieving the pinnacle of modeldom with her YSL “Elle” fragrance campaign, not to mention a stint with E! Canada, is there anything this woman can’t do?

One thing’s clear: the world is CUCKOO for COCO!


Elle Coco Rocha Ad2


Coco's new rouge 'doCoco and Ali StephensCoco in Steven Meisel tribute: Vogue May 2009Coco and the chitlins

And one of my positively favourite Coco Fash Ed’s to date…

Magazine: Numero

Editorial: Agua Caliente

Issue: June 2008

Photographers: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mangiello


xo, ms


  • find her bewilderingly impressive work archives, bio, and more on her official site
  • watch the impossibly emotive and expressive supermannequin “make love to the camera”

Winning Team: Havana Lafitte + tV

July 22, 2009

Havana Lafitte + teenVOGUE may indeed garner my award for most magical and enchanting and brilliant duo ever (post- Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, of course!). Miss Lafitte is, in my humble opinion, the most supreme and inspiring contributing fash editor for tV and hands down pulls together the most impeccably styled looks for the teenybopper mag. But don’t be deceived; far from being juvenile in aesthetic, Havana’s editorials are easily translatable for any age. If you have yet to notice her superb styling, well, open your pretty peepers and soak in the splendor!

Editorial: Dream Weaver

Issue: November 2008

Photographer: Bruce Weber


Editorial: Madie In Japan

Issue: March 2007

Photographer: Nick Haymes

Made In Japan1Made In Japan2Made In Japan3Made In Japan4Made In Japan5Made In Japan6Made In Japan7

Made In Japan

Editorial: Enchanted Soldier

Issue:April 2009

Photographer: Josh Olins

Enchanted SoldierEnchanted SoldierEnchanted SoldierEnchanted SoldierEnchanted Soldier

Editorial: World Traveler

Issue: May 2009

Photographer: Arthur Elgort

World Traveler 1World Traveler 2World Traveler 3World Traveler 4World Traveler 5World Traveler 6World Traveler 7World Traveler 8World Traveler 9World Traveler 10World Traveler 11Photos from

Good Golly, Miss Molly! This woman knows how to style.

❤ Maddy